The Compound Effect

The principle of the compound effect is that your decisions shape your destiny from what you eat to where you work,  who you spend your time with, the books you read,  your daily attitude,  what you do day to day.  Now,  if you don’t like what you have become it...

Christmas Greeting

In about a month, I will  celebrate my 80th birthday and I’m still wondering how on earth did i make it to 80 years. For the first quarter of my life I lived in England, I   was born just outside of London and was raised by both my parents and went to school at...
Investment Management and Wealth Building

Investment Management and Wealth Building

Canada Wide Media Chairman and CEO Peter Legge interviews Nicola Wealth CEO John Nicola. John, a veteran in the financial services industry, shares his story on how he became a leader in investment management and wealth building. Know how he provides strategic...
The Joys of Having Wine and Culture in Your Hands

The Joys of Having Wine and Culture in Your Hands

What are the joys of having wine and culture in your hands?  Dr. Clinton Lee, founder of Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute  talks about the  organization and his aspiration in sharing his knowledge about wine and culture.  Dr. Peter Legge uncovers the need for...
Jim Pattison  in Stories of Influence

Jim Pattison in Stories of Influence

What does it take to be a Jimmy Pattison?  An entrepreneur extraordinaire, a billionaire with so much passion who continues to work and aspires to continue to grow his 12 Billion dollar company,  the Jim Pattison Group. Jim Pattison admires people with a positive and...
Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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