What does it take to be a Jimmy Pattison?  An entrepreneur extraordinaire, a billionaire with so much passion who continues to work and aspires to continue to grow his 12 Billion dollar company,  the Jim Pattison Group.

Jim Pattison admires people with a positive and upbeat attitude.  He considers himself happy and upbeat.  He is thankful for his parents for being good role models to him and who have disciplined him.

What does he consider his greatest achievement?  What is the biggest challenge he has overcome? What has surprised him the most in his business during the pandemic?  Who has influenced him the most? What is the  Number 1 Agenda of Jim Pattison Group today?   If there’s one thing in the world that he can change,  what would it be?  What challenges does the average person have to overcome to become a success?

Find out the answers to these questions from the man himself in the Stories of Influence, a podcast series of Peter Legge, Canada Wide Media Chairman, and CEO.   Watch  on YouTube or this website.


Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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