Testimonials on the One-on-One Coaching of Dr. Peter Legge, OBC


Effective communication is a cornerstone of success in the dynamic realm of leadership.  CEOs across various industries are increasingly recognizing the transformative power of public speaking, and one name that consistently emerges in conversations about coaching excellence is Peter Legge.

Winnie Hsu

Winnie Hsu, Founder and CEO, Vision2Reality Foundation & Nex Gen Accounting

Winnie Hsu, the visionary founder and CEO of Vision2Reality Foundation and NexGen Accounting attests to the profound impact of Peter Legge’s coaching.

“Peter’s coaching for my public speaking is so helpful for me. Although I did speak in public before, I have never had anyone who has a professional speak and business leader, such as Peter Legge, to coach me.  It is beyond my experience and my expectations. There is a lot to learn to deliver impactful public speaking. I learned from Peter as follows:

  • How do you choose the topics, What to say in the first 30 sec.
  • How to engage audiences
  • How to remove fillers and unnecessary sentences
  • How to control timing
  • How to control voice, speed, and emotion during the talk

Peter’s coaching is not only for public speaking; he has given me undivided attention and listened to my needs and concerns; he built my confidence.” says Hsu.

Legge’s coaching extends beyond mere technicalities, delving into the heart of authentic communication. Azim Jamal, a celebrated author and inspirational speaker, reflects on the invaluable lessons gained from Legge’s mentorship. “Peter Legge is a master at inspirational speaking and storytelling and one of the best in North America. He has won most of the coveted awards in the speaking business. I had the privilege to be mentored and coached by him, which significantly enhanced my perspective on speaking, storytelling, and writing. I highly recommend his coaching and mentoring work!”, says Jamal

Peter Legge’s reputation as a seasoned speaker and mentor precedes him. Still, it’s the tangible results and testimonials from leaders like Winnie Hsu and Azim Jamal that solidify his standing in the coaching arena. CEOs seeking to enhance their public speaking prowess are finding not just a coach in Peter Legge, but a transformative guide who empowers them to become compelling communicators.

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