On Fridays with Seniors, Dr. Peter Legge holds an interview with Seniors Services Society and Seniors First BC, leading organizations dedicated to addressing and preventing elder abuse.

In this eye-opening discussion, we delve deep into the issue of elder abuse, its prevalence, and the vital work done by the Seniors Services Society, Seniors First BC, and Community Response Network to combat this growing problem.

Elder abuse is a distressing reality affecting countless older adults worldwide, and it comes in various forms such as physical, emotional, financial, and neglect.

During this interview, we sit down with Leanore Sali from the Seniors Services Society and Sara Pon from Seniors First BC. They share their expertise, experiences, and strategies for safeguarding vulnerable seniors from abuse. Through thought-provoking questions and engaging dialogue, we explore the warning signs of elder abuse, the importance of raising awareness, and the critical role of community involvement in preventing such incidents. Moreover, we delve into the services and support these organizations provide, including counseling, advocacy, and education. Their comprehensive approach involves empowering seniors to recognize their rights, educating the public on the signs of abuse, and fostering a compassionate society that respects and protects older adults.


Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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