Canada Wide Media Chairman and CEO Peter Legge interviews Canadian businessman and philanthropist Frank Giustra.   In the interview,  Frank  talks about his passion and the kind of life he pursues.  This  focuses on global philanthropy and living a well-balanced life. Frank admit his passion for things that he likes doing whether in business or philanthropy drives him to succeed.   He adds that if you  don’t love what you’re doing,  you’re not going to succeed because it takes passion to be excellent at what you do.  In addition, Frank stresses it’s  with that excellence that you can achieve success.   In the interview,  Frank says he always had a problem with any type of injustice.   He  knows he doesn’t live in a perfect world.  He is co-chair of  the Crisis Group and all they do is trying to prevent and end deadly conflicts around the world.

Who Influenced him the most

When asked who has influenced him the most,  Frank said he didn’t think  there was  any one  person but he thinks of two people that influenced  him  in different ways.  One was former US President Bill Clinton  who  became his very close friend.  He said the former US President taught  him  how to think big.  He also learned how to inspire and motivate  as a call to action on a specific idea,  and how to collaborate with other groups. Another one was Richard Branson.  He said over  the years that he has  spent a lot of time with Richard.  He has seen the business magnate lives his  life in the fullest way.  This is by  doing good but also enjoying life being passionate about what he does.  Frank added  Richard Branson is a very generous and loving person.

Know more about Frank.  Catch this interview and see how he was influenced by his friends former US President Bill Clinton and English magnate Richard Branson

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