The principle of the compound effect is that your decisions shape your destiny from what you eat to where you work,  who you spend your time with, the books you read,  your daily attitude,  what you do day to day.  Now,  if you don’t like what you have become it is because of the thousands of small seemingly insignificant decisions that you’ve made each day over the course of the many years.  If  you like what you’ve become and are becoming,  it’s because you have made several hundred thousand seemingly small moment by moment decisions in a very wise manner.  You are the sum total of your life’s decisions. Most people do not realize that their life is comprised of lots of little decisions,  all with a huge cumulative collective impact. Most of life is not determined by big decisions although they are important,  it is the sum total of the so-called small decisions that builds character and our leadership is built on that foundation — our character. So let’s make it a great day today and work on our character. Build it to be the very best you can be.

Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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