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Peter Legge has a passion for reading. It’s a passion that inspired him to become an author himself – capturing and sharing his powerful insights in his own series of captivating books. He first put pen to paper in 1992 with How to Soar with the Eagles.

Twenty-five years and twenty best-selling titles later, Peter continues to inspire and motivate readers with his books.

I have listened to Peter speak many times, read his books, given his books away as gifts, and keep coming back for more! Truly an inspirational speaker and writer

– Todd Zimmer, Owner, RemedysRx Crossroads Pharmacy

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The Runway of Life

Do you think of your life as a road or a runway, counting the number of years you have lived and yet to live? Ironically we know that in the end, it’s not the years in our life that count but the life in our years. God puts us in the runway and takes us out of the...

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Which Way Do You Look?

Are you looking the wrong way? When opportunities come your way, do you turn your back on them without exploring them? Some of us fail to seize opportunities because we look the wrong way. Let me tell you this story to illustrate what happens when you look the wrong...

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Media and Leadership Forum

If you want to learn how to seize opportunities, thrive and succeed in media and in any business, join the Media and Leadership Forum on November 29, 2019 at 4 PM at The Lecture Theater, Douglas College New Westminster Campus. Acclaimed international speaker and...

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