Peter Legge’s latest book,  Under The Influence is now available.   All that you do,  the books you read,  the people you meet,  the places you go to; influence you.   Know how influence shapes the person you become.     Get your copy today!

I have listened to Peter speak many times, read his books, given his books away as gifts, and keep coming back for more! Truly an inspirational speaker and writer

– Todd Zimmer, Owner, RemedysRx Crossroads Pharmacy

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Paper Clip Strategy

In James Clear's book "Atomic Habits", a New York Times bestseller,  he tells the story of a 23-year-old stock broker named Trent Dyrsmid from Abbotsford working in a bank in 1993.  Nobody really expected too much from him  But he made brisk progress,  thanks to a...

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Never Waste A Good Crisis

As we are slowly coming back to business as usual or the "new normal"  the questions I'm asked the most is: "How am I going to create the sales to survive?' I don't know any business that can survive without sales. Are you a believer that nothing happens until a sale...

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A Gift!

A Gift!

"I believe we all have the seeds of greatness,  but those seeds will only grow if we nurture them".                                                - Peter Legge, OBC   Order UNDER THE INFLUENCE now and get a gift,  My Favourite Quotations....

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Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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