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Peter Legge has a passion for reading. It’s a passion that inspired him to become an author himself – capturing and sharing his powerful insights in his own series of captivating books. He first put pen to paper in 1992 with How to Soar with the Eagles.

Twenty-five years and twenty best-selling titles later, Peter continues to inspire and motivate readers with his books.

I have listened to Peter speak many times, read his books, given his books away as gifts, and keep coming back for more! Truly an inspirational speaker and writer

– Todd Zimmer, Owner, RemedysRx Crossroads Pharmacy

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Say Yes!

Do you know that on average, if we’re careful, we Westerners live to be about 85 years old? For a tree that might be maturity. For us, it’s often senility! How we’re functioning at 85 depends on what we did during the intervening years. Work, exercise, stress – all of...

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Why should we be thankful

We live in a country where the majority of the people are what I would call over-privileged. Logically you would think that would make us endlessly thankful for what we have – especially if we happen to pay attention to what is going on in the rest of the world. But...

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Go and Encourage Someone Today!

Go and Encourage Someone Today! If there's one thing I like about having lunch with Vancouver business and philanthropic leader Joe Segal over the years, it's being encouraged and mentored. I wrote a book Lunch with Joe several years ago and it's filled with stories...

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