Secrets of The Masters

Throughout all his successes, Peter Legge has never lost sight of the people in his life whose support and sound advice molded him into the businessman, speaker and author he is today. Simply put no one gets there alone. The people you choose to associate with — the people you learn from — shape who you become. And the learning never stops.

Peter’s latest book, Secrets of the Masters, will offer you the chance to learn from an array of highly accomplished entrepreneurs, politicians and community leaders who’ve had an impact on him over the years, with a front-row seat to 20 wide-ranging one-on-one interviews conducted by Peter himself. From Canadian business giant Jimmy Pattison,  to resiliency expert Joe Roberts to B.C. premier John Horgan, these masters reflect on their successes, their failures, humble beginnings and hard-earned wisdom.

They’re lessons you won’t want to miss.

I have listened to Peter speak many times, read his books, given his books away as gifts, and keep coming back for more! Truly an inspirational speaker and writer

– Todd Zimmer, Owner, RemedysRx Crossroads Pharmacy

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