In about a month, I will  celebrate my 80th birthday and I’m still wondering how on earth did i make it to 80 years. For the first quarter of my life I lived in England, I   was born just outside of London and was raised by both my parents and went to school at a boy’s private school and it was very exciting. But it wasn’t enough for my mum and dad. They needed to move somewhere that was far more adventurous and far more willing to give us an opportunity to express our talents somewhere else. So they picked Vancouver, British Columbia. We actually settled in New Westminster and I went to school at Vince Massey Junior High School in Lester Pearson High School and all my friends were from Westerminster  and that’s where I began.  And as i got a little older and went to high school i went to an organization called the Young Life of Canada and they talked about Jesus that really,  he was the person we needed to spend time with and from that moment on middle of high school, I  committed my life to following Jesus,  what a great decision that was and at this particular point of the year and the time of the year,  in the next couple of weeks,  the world comes together and celebrates that incredible birth of Jesus Christ because that is what christmas is all about. It is for us to believe in the maker of you and me so that we can live a life this life gives and be ready for the next life. So,  on behalf of my wife Kay and my three girls,  and my seven grandchildren and my company,  allow me to wish you a very merry christmas a prosperous,  and happy new year. And be joyful for the life that God has given you because he wants you to excel and be the very best that you can be and that’s how you can honor him and your community. So, Merry Christmas to every one of you that’s watching this video. God bless you.


Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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