The first step to achieving a dream is having one

Which Way Do You Look?

Are you looking the wrong way? When opportunities come your way, do you turn your back on them without exploring them? Some of us fail to seize opportunities because we look the wrong way. Let me tell you this story to illustrate what happens when you look the wrong...

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Media and Leadership Forum

If you want to learn how to seize opportunities, thrive and succeed in media and in any business, join the Media and Leadership Forum on November 29, 2019 at 4 PM at The Lecture Theater, Douglas College New Westminster Campus. Acclaimed international speaker and...

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Are You Hungry?

Are you hungry? Watch this Go and fight hunger. You may ask, how do you fight your own hunger? Hunger for affirmation? The first step is to acknowledge...

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What Occupies Your Mind?

We are all familiar with the line that says it’s not what we are underneath but what we do that defines us. I am pleased to note that the recipients of the Peter Legge Leadership Award and business students whom I recently met at Douglas College know what they want in...

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Conquer Yourself

Last Summer my wife Kay and I went on a Sliver Seas Mediterranean Cruise for our 50th Anniversary. Almost 250 years to the date of the birth of Napoleon born August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica we visited the house he was born in. The house is considered the...

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The Impact of Writing and Reading

Do you hope to live your dream? It may be harsh but one thing is for sure. It's on you to build your life as you've dreamt it. In my book, How to Soar With the Eagles, I shared that If you want to solidify Your Goals, Dreams and Visions, you need to Put Them in...

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Say Yes!

Do you know that on average, if we’re careful, we Westerners live to be about 85 years old? For a tree that might be maturity. For us, it’s often senility! How we’re functioning at 85 depends on what we did during the intervening years. Work, exercise, stress – all of...

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Why should we be thankful

We live in a country where the majority of the people are what I would call over-privileged. Logically you would think that would make us endlessly thankful for what we have – especially if we happen to pay attention to what is going on in the rest of the world. But...

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Go and Encourage Someone Today!

Go and Encourage Someone Today! If there's one thing I like about having lunch with Vancouver business and philanthropic leader Joe Segal over the years, it's being encouraged and mentored. I wrote a book Lunch with Joe several years ago and it's filled with stories...

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Why Should You Embrace Failure?

Why do some people succeed and others don’t?  Is it because some are luckier than others or is it simply because others  moved on and did better after they failed?  There is more to failure than you think.  Failure like success  is not permanent.  But both are part of...

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