Do you know that on average, if we’re careful, we Westerners live to be about 85 years old? For a tree that might be maturity. For us, it’s often senility!

How we’re functioning at 85 depends on what we did during the intervening years. Work, exercise, stress – all of these things have a very direct effect on the old bod and the brain that’s inside it.

Anyway, 85 years is just over a thousand months. Now do you feel a little more like a true mortal? How about just 4,420 weeks? Try 31,000 days! That’s a lifetime.

When people come up to me and say, “Have a nice day, I say thank you so much.

But if I start counting today and with just 3,000 of them left in my lifetime allotment, I need a lot more than simply “nice”, I need GREAT!

And that’s what I tell the people I meet. What’s more, I take it a full 180 degrees from the passive to the active.

Make it a great day, is what I say.

Take charge of what you’re doing and MAKE it with what you want it to be. You could wait a lifetime for a nice day to land on you. But a great day that you make yourself? It’s yours for the making.

Meanwhile, Variety, the children’s charity will hold the Annual Variety Week soon. We appreciate how this charity helps children with special needs and their families across the various communities in BC. This brings to mind how Variety Club Telethon started more than 45 years ago with me and the Mills Brothers. It started when we said Yes! Watch this.

Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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