Go and Encourage Someone Today!

If there’s one thing I like about having lunch with Vancouver business and philanthropic leader Joe Segal over the years, it’s being encouraged and mentored.
I wrote a book Lunch with Joe several years ago and it’s filled with stories where Joe has lunched with generations of the city’s who’s who. It had stories of more than 90 of these notable guests at Joe’s table over the years — all of whom share the inspiring lessons they learned over “lunch with Joe.”

Yesterday, I had another fantastic lunch with Joe. And at 94 years old, he’s still sharp as ever. Even after 50 years of lunch with him, I still learn from the master.

See our picture together at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver.

This brings to mind the power of encouragement. How it can support and impart courage to someone.

In fact, it’s the words of encouragement of my wife Kay which led me to start TV Week magazine 45 years ago, the first publication of Canada Wide Media, Western Canada’s largest independent magazine publisher and digital media company.

Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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