Are You Ready For Success?

Are You Ready For Success?

If you are a person of determination and focus,  you will not allow any circumstances to deter you from reaching your goal. Undeniably,  however the novel coronavirus pandemic has put most of us off balance.   But as we begin to adapt and gain grounds in our fight...

Insight on Career Change: Be Bold! If you think you need to change careers, be bold and decide to move on. Hence, you don’t have to stick with something you feel you  have no  future on.  Peter Legge shares his experience...

Why Should You Embrace Failure?

Why do some people succeed and others don’t?  Is it because some are luckier than others or is it simply because others  moved on and did better after they failed?  There is more to failure than you think.  Failure like success  is not permanent.  But both are part of...
Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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