If you are a person of determination and focus,  you will not allow any circumstances to deter you from reaching your goal.
Undeniably,  however the novel coronavirus pandemic has put most of us off balance.   But as we begin to adapt and gain grounds in our fight against COVID19,  we should also regain our momentum in pursuing what we aspire.
Generally, we aspire for success both in personal and business matters.
Hence, I will share with you my thoughts on success and recommend books for you to read  that would help you reach success.
Are you ready for a challenge?


I had an engaging conversation via zoom  with Phil Eastwood of  Fiore Group Training, Inc about my book Under The Influence.  We talked about my experiences and the influences that have shaped me into who and what I am today.  Perhaps some of the lessons I’ve learned may resonate with you.
Here’s our chat

Under The Influencewww.peterlegge.com/books





Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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