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Lunch with Joe

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“Strength and Decisiveness With Compassion.” — The motto of Joe Segal

In 1994, Vancouver business and philanthropic leader Joe Segal was honoured by his country with the granting of his own coat of arms. The motto he chose, “Strength and Decisiveness With Compassion,” could not have been more fitting.

From his early days as a struggling entrepreneur through the remarkable growth of his business empire, Joe has never forgotten the importance of serving his community. His numerous generous charity endeavours aside, he has always taken the time to inspire and encourage others whenever he could.

Much of this wisdom was dispensed from his own restaurant table at the Four Seasons Vancouver, where for three decades Joe has lunched with generations of the city’s who’s who. Inside, bestselling author Peter Legge has gathered the stories of more than 90 of these notable guests at Joe’s table over the years — all of whom share the inspiring lessons they learned over “lunch with Joe.”

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1 review for Lunch with Joe

  1. Sharon KUBRYN (nee Gains)

    Excellent! Joe was my late Mother’s first cousin and she introduced him to his wife!

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