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 Internationally acclaimed professional speaker Dr. Peter Legge, OBC and His ABC’S of Public Speaking

ACKNOWLEDGE the person who introduced you and know your AUDIENCE.
  • Acknowledge the person or organization who introduced you.
  • Dress for the audience – comfortable yet polished (I always wear a suit and tie)
  • Wear clean, shiny shoes.
  • Open with a powerful quote or personal, relevant story
  • Focus on your audience. Be confident but not overbearing.
  • Your first 15 seconds is critical. This is when your audience decides if you deserve their time and attention.
  • Speak clearly and enunciate.
B – Be natural and sincere, not mechanical. Body Language and Build your message.
  • Smile at the audience.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Learn how to use a pause.
  • Don’t be afraid to repeat an important point.
  • Make gestures, move on stage (depending on the size of the stage and the length of your speech)
  • Keep your points to only 5 items to keep your audience’s attention.
  • Build a message from the heart. If you’re giving testimony, you should speak from the heart.
  • Make gestures, move on stage (depending on the size of the stage and the length of your speech)
C –  Connect with your Audience.
  • Emphasize your tone and pitch.
  • Practice, practice, practice. The more you speak in front of an audience, the better you get at it.
  • Timing is important.
  • Make an impact

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Wow your Audience in Public Speaking



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