For how long have you been sitting at home in quarantine?  Have you already embraced the change and adapted to working from home?

How you and I act in the next several months while in quarantine will determine how we weather this COVID19 pandemic.

It is challenging to remain productive despite the “new norm”.  But this crisis is also poised to uncover a person’s true character.   For some,  it will bring out kindness,  generosity,  integrity and courage.  But for others,  it will bring out greed, laziness and apathy.   What does this crisis bring out in you?

If you are a businessman like me and you would want to lead yourself and your team successfully through this phenomenon,   you need to set an example for others to follow.  You should not falter; rather you should communicate clearly even through online video conferences and be more decisive.  Try harder to listen to your team,  understand and inspire them.

Remember that a crisis requires everyone to put forward their best efforts.

Here’s something you may reflect on

“a poor businessman describes
a good businessman  explains
an excellent businessman demonstrates
a great businessman  inspires”
In my book Under The Influence,  I shared the 10 traits that define people of influence and how you can increase your influence (very relevant even amidst COVID19 pandemic).Know these traits.  Get a copy of Under The Influence and share with your friends.
Book Review on Under The Influence 
“Peter reminds us of the power and the responsibility we all have to shape the views and actions of those around us — wise counsel from a generous mentor and iconic community leader.”

                                                                                           — The Honourable Janet Austin, OBC                                                                                                                                             Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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