Under The Influence by Dr. Peter Legge, OBC is now out.

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Under The Influence

How Influence Shapes The Person You Become


Here’s what people say about Dr. Peter Legge and his book

Peter has an incredible way of inspiring each of us to tap into our full potential. As a friend and trusted mentor, he has been a positive influence in my life. Peter reminds us that we all have the ability to make a difference.”

–  Rick Hansen, C.C, O.B.C, Founder, Rick Hansen Foundation

“Peter reminds us of the power,  and the responsibility,  we all have to shape the views and actions of those around us – wise counsel from generous mentor and iconic community leader”   

–   The Honourable Janet Austin, OBC, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

“I have been blessed to have the immeasurable influence of Peter Legge in my life as a mentor and friend. Under the Influence is a gift to each reader who will find inspiration, hope and wisdom to live with greater clarity and intention.” 

–           The Honourable Yonah Martin, Senator of Canada

“Nobody is better than Dr. Peter Legge when it comes to business and life lessons.  Millions have benefited from his teachings.  This book is yet another effort to make the world a better place.”   

–           Dr.  Nido Qubein, President, High Point University

 “Peter Legge is the real deal.  Having known him for many years,  and having spent time together in Oxford,  I can confirm he is a living embodiment of the wise and winsome principles he espouses.” 

–           Richard (Rick)  Goossen , Chairman,  ELO Network  Vancouver & Oxford

“Under the Influence is another example of how thoughtful and inspiring Peter Legge’s books are.  His idea that your “reputation enters the room before you do” challenges us to look at the ways we positively influence others.  Just from reading chapter one I have committed to be more thoughtful about how I influence others.  You will too.

–           Patricia Fripp,  CSP,  CPAE,   Past President, National Speakers Association

As a cherished friend and mentor,  Dr. Peter Legge is an incomparable entrepreneur who has had a profound impact on both my career and philanthropic efforts.  And although he has offered much advise and guidance over the years,  the most profound and influential moment for me was when he told me quite simply and emphatically,  “of course you can!”  That heartfelt and unequivocal declaration changed my life for the better,  forever.”

–           Wendy Lisogar – Cocchia,  CM,  OBC,  LL.D (Hon), Chief Executive Officer, Century Plaza Hotel & Spa |  Absolute Spa Group


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