The Purpose and Joy of Sonia Furstenau 

BC Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau talks to Dr. Peter Legge, OBC about her advocacy for making communities healthier and a better place for people. Sonia also shares the two things that drive her which are purpose and joy.

Sonia Furstenau is a prominent woman leader in Canadian politics who currently serves as the leader of the British Columbia Green Party.  She was elected as the party’s leader in 2020. She has since been making waves in the political arena with her fresh approach and innovative ideas.  She passionately talks about what drives her in service which is purpose and joy.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Furstenau initially pursued a career in journalism before transitioning into politics. She moved to British Columbia in the early 2000s and became involved in environmental activism and community advocacy. Her passion for social justice and sustainability eventually led her to run for public office.

How Sonia Furstenau started in politics 

Furstenau was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the Cowichan Valley riding in 2017. During her time as an MLA, she worked tirelessly to advance the Green Party’s platform.  Climate change, renewable energy, and affordable housing are among her focus.  She also championed the rights of Indigenous peoples and worked to build stronger relationships between the government and First Nations communities.

In 2020, Furstenau was elected as the leader of the British Columbia Green Party after former leader Andrew Weaver stepped down. She ran on a platform of economic and environmental sustainability.  She promised to create jobs while also protecting the province’s natural resources.

Since becoming a leader, Furstenau has been a vocal advocate for stronger action on climate change.  She called for a transition to a green economy and investing in renewable energy. She has also been a strong proponent of social justice and equity, advocating for policies that support marginalized communities and address systemic inequalities.

Her leadership has been widely praised for its inclusiveness and collaborative approach. She has worked to build bridges across party lines, seeking common ground with other political leaders and emphasizing the need for cooperation and dialogue.




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