Do you take care of yourself?

While you’re  in the middle of  the influx of information about  how fast the coronovirus spreads,  do you take measures to help stop it?   Do you do your part in humankind’s  biggest fight of the century?

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten the lives of millions of people. Countries have been put into lockdown, schools closed, events canceled, factories shut, millions told to work from home and  stay home;  all  unprecedented measures to put an end to coronavirus.

Good news is, we can do our little share by simply taking care of ourselves.  When we take care of ourselves,  we do our share in the fight against COVID 19.

Here’s how:

We don’t give up.

At this difficult time,  when you  feel overwhelmed due to everything that is happening or not happening at all because everything else is put on hold, you just need to hold on and not give up.

Don’t give up.



Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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