As we are slowly coming back to business as usual or the “new normal”  the questions I’m asked the most is: “How am I going to create the sales to survive?’

I don’t know any business that can survive without sales.

Are you a believer that nothing happens until a sale is made?  I sure am!

So  pull your sales department together and review the basics.

You need to do the following and adapt to survive!

1.  Determine your “customer” needs
2.  Determine how your product and service will satisfy the customer’s needs
3.  Develop an unshakeable attitude of persistence and tenacity.
4.  Make the “sales call”
5.  Ask for the order
6.  Make as many sales calls as you need to get the business
7.  Ask questions
8.  Listen…listen… listen!
9.  Look for growth companies
10. Adapt to survive

What is successful leadership? It is not about being in touch.  It is not about being clever.  It is about your character.  Develop your character.

Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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