Are you attached to all the things that you own?

Sometimes we have so much in our closet it becomes too crammed it doesn’t have space for new stuff.  A friend once told me “if you don’t need something, rather than hold onto it,  give it to someone who does.”

Clearing out the stuff in your life that you no longer need or use doesn’t just get rid of old junk that’s getting in your way; it also frees up your mind and creates room for you to move forward with important plans and goals.  So instead of storing,  make a decision on what can stay and what needs to go and take action.

When you’ve rid your life of unnecessary things,  suddenly you’ll have a much clearer view of the important ones and you’ll feel infinitely more productive,  with more room to think and breathe.

So go ahead,  let it go.

Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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