BooksHigh Point University President Dr. Nido Qubein praises bestselling author, internationally acclaimed speaker and business leader Dr. Peter Legge   and  the latter’s new book Under The Influence.

Qubein says “Nobody is better than Dr. Peter Legge when it comes to business and life lessons.  Millions have benefited from his teachings.  This book is yet another effort to make the world a better place.”  Qubein is a well-respected keynote speaker, seminar leader, corporate consultant, successful businessman, and author of many books and multimedia learning systems.

Meanwhile in his book,  Under The Influence, Dr. Legge does not only pay tribute to the people who influenced him but also aims to inspire the readers to reflect and evaluate the influences they’ve allowed and still allow to shape their life.

The book  contains a wealth of valuable insights gleaned from the formative figures and experiences in Dr Legge’s  life.  And no doubt when readers examine their own life’s story and the pivotal characters therein,  they’ll find plenty more.

Read how influence shapes the person you become.  Get your copy of Under The Influence today.  click



Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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