As a leader, Peter Legge says you should take pride in everything you do and be willing to do anything that you’d ask others to do.
Give direction, not directions.

I recall a story that billionaire Jimmy Pattison told me one time about how he had an annual pride convention.  The convention was for employees where upon opening the first meeting of the day, he proceeded to pair people up.  Once everyone had a partner, he gave them a mop and a pail and assigned them to clean each other’s rooms.  When everyone was done, Jimmy had the hotel staff inspect each room and grade it based on their professional opinion. The purpose of the exercise was to help his employees learn the message that no one in the organization is above any task. As Robin Sharma writes in his book, The Greatness Guide, “There is no such thing as an unimportant day. Each one of us is called to greatness.  Everyone can have a significant impact on the world around us – if we so choose.

But for this power that resides internally to grow, we need to use it.” The point here is that we should take pride in everything we do and be willing to do any job that we would expect others to do.  Meanwhile, as a leader, nothing should be beneath you. Leadership begins in the trenches, so set the example that you want others to follow. As General George S. Patton is famous for saying, “Give direction, not directions.”

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