Living in this very challenging and unprecedented time may still allow you to do something incredible.


If you come to terms with how things are done nowadays and appreciate all the extra time you have to finally do the things you’ve been wanting to do,  you could actually advance yourself.

It’s easier said than done especially in the midst of distractions at home.  But if you consciously and personally commit to grow you can start doing what you’ve been meaning to — like reading a book,  learning a new skill or finishing a long-delayed project — you could advance yourself.

Even if you continue to work from home,  you can still further develop yourself if you add one percent more in all that you do.  1% more everyday would do wonders.  What’s important is that you intentionally and seriously commit to that extra 1% every single day.

In my book Under The Influence,  I share the 10 traits that define people of influence and how you can increase your influence (very relevant even amidst COVID19 pandemic).

Know these traits.  Get a copy of Under The Influence and share with your friends.

Book Review on Under The Influence

“Peter reminds us of the power and the responsibility we all have to shape the views and actions of those around us — wise counsel from a generous mentor and iconic community leader.” 

                                                                — The Honourable Janet Austin, OBC                                                                                                                                                             Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Meanwhile, bestselling author,  radio show host,  keynote speaker and executive speech coach  George Torok has this to say about Under The Influence.

“This book is packed with more than one lifetime of wisdom.

Peter illustrates that we are Under the Influence of the people we associate with, our perceptions of our environment and our response to the signals we receive. This book provides intimate insights into his own discoveries through triumphs, mistakes and resulting lessons.

Perhaps the most important lessons are that while we are influenced by others, we are responsible for how we interpret these messages. The second part of this message is that we must become aware of how we influence others because we are all Under the Influence.”


Get your copy of Under The Influence now.






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