Seniors Services Society takes the lead in promoting mental and emotional wellness for Seniors in cooperation with organizations like Moving Forward, Brightside Housing and Century House Senior Peer Support.  Listen to this meaningful conversation with  Peter Legge, OBC and guests Gary Thandi from Moving Forward,  Bruce Eva Robinson from Century House, Mary Ann Beecher , Suzzanne Klassen from Brightside, and Leonore Sali from Seniors Services Society.

In the conversation,  the guests agree that isolation and  loneliness, are some of the major concerns of seniors. The episode highlights that it’s really about adjusting to change and the sense of loss that comes with it.  It could be a big thing like a partner dying or having been evicted from a home that they’ve known for a long time,  or small changes like someone who’s transitioned to be a caregiver for a partner, and being able to accept that.

Another  issue that changes their whole lives or small things would be  like family members no longer needing them in the same way, or viewing them in the same way.

There is a strong sense of loss that comes with that which is one of the major issues in dealing with mental and emotional wellness of seniors.


Peter Legge at Hour of Power Org

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